Table App

Orders and payments from a device in the table

"Allow your clients to explore your menu, order without paying, order paying or pay at the end, from a tablet installed on your restaurant tables"


Improve your service, reduce your costs

In most of restaurants, taking orders manually or does not add value and reduce your time to do other important tasks. Also, the payment is a tedious process for the clients and for the staff. Delegate these tasks to a device installed in your tables. Improve your clients experience and heavily reduce your operating costs.

Product features

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Digital menu on your tablet of the table

Allow your clients to explore your products. You can add high-quality photos, descriptions and modifiers. With a digital menu you can show all the drinks and dishes you can serve, so the consumer has full visibility of the menu options.


Eat-in orders on your tablet of the table

Automate your service shift allowing your customers to place orders from the table, requiring or not the pre-payment. As the device is installed in a specific table, you will receive the order for the given table. We integrate the orders with your current POS system and the order will go directly to your production printers or displays.


Pay the bill on your tablet of the table

Automate your service shift allowing your customers to pay the bill directly from the device in the table. Your clients can pay the bill when they finish because we integrate your POS and we read the real items added to the table by your waiters, in your POS system, in real-time. When the bill has been totally paid, you notice that in your POS and you allow the clients to leave the restaurant without having to talk with them.

How it works?

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