Web App

Orders and reservations from your web app

"Allow your clients to explore your menu, order food or book a table in the website we publish with your brand and domain"


Optimize your margins, spoil your brand

Sell online with your own brand and domain, with your prices and your rules. If you still don't have a website, we publish a complete website (with information, menus, orders and reservations). If you already have a website, add a button (link) to the auxiliary website we publish for you (only orders and reservations).

Product features

Discover the different functionalities and options of the solution


Online menu in your app

Show your clients your real-time updated menu in your website


Delivery orders in your app

Allow your clients to order food directly in your own web app. You can set your preparation and delivery times, schedules, closing dates and many other details. When you receive the order, you can accept or cancel, and also change the promised delivery time if you are too busy. You can deliver the order with your own team or contract a delivery company integrated with us to avoid manual delivery requests.


Takeaway orders in your app

Allow your clients to pre-order food to be picked-up later. You can set your preparation times and also specific delays for certain products requiring an extra time. The order can be prepaid or paid in your restaurant, as you prefer.


Reservations in your app

Allow yours clients to book a table without waiting you to be available at the phone. This improves your clients experience and boost your team operations.


Eat-in pre-orders in your app

Allow your clients to select what they want to eat before they come to your restaurant. As you know the products and when exactly are they gonna come, you can prepare the food to be ready. Recommended for corporate environments.

How it works?

Search your restaurant

Use our tool to search and create your restaurant, without payment details

Your menu

We import or create your menu if our tool can find it online or if you provide a proper URL

Your apps

We create your apps inmediately for you to see a demo of your web, QR, kiosk and table modes

Start right now without payments or commitments

You can see your apps working in less than 15 minutes, without providing payment details