Simple conditions, unlimited opportunities

Pricing plans

You can start without fixed costs and switch later to a fixed plan to optimize your costs.
Everything is optional, so you can regulate the order types and the channels you want to sell in.

Starter Plan
Fixed Plan
Sell in your website
Delivery and takeaway orders + Reservations
3 % S/.371
Sell in your QRs, kiosk and table apps
Table-service and takeaway orders + Pay the bill
1 % S/.371
In order to accept online or physical credit card payments, contact us to explore the options

How it works?

Search your restaurant

Use our tool to search and create your restaurant, without payment details

Your menu

We import or create your menu if our tool can find it online or if you provide a proper URL

Your apps

We create your apps inmediately for you to see a demo of your web, QR, kiosk and table modes

Start right now without payments or commitments

You can see your apps working in less than 15 minutes, without providing payment details